Teflon sheets
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Teflon fabric is a material consisting of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fibers.

Felt pads are ususally used to improve the process of wire enamelling - to save varnish and remove its excess before curing.

In order to increase the usage period of felt pads and to reduce wire friction in the varnish application units, the use of a Teflon fabric is recommended.

We offer the following textile Teflon fabric: brown, flat, with warp and weft threads, non-felted, without impregnation, without coating.

Cloth width: 0.8 m, 0.88 m and 1 m, length - on request.

Composition 100 % polytetrafluoroethylene
Area density 750±75 g/m2
Thickness 1,2± 0,2 mm
Density 0,60 g/sm3 ± 10%
Confirmed heat resistance 260°С long-term, 280°С short-term
Metling point does not melt, destroys under Т= 327°С
Acid resistance high
Alkali resistance high
Water resistance high
Resistance to organic solvents high
Durability very high
Rot rsistance very high